NiMa Lindner singer/songwriter, drummer and guitarist, songtexter and producer of her own music.
...on stage solo or with band. Permanent band mates: Sven Emmerich / bass.


German Rock & Pop Award 2015:
  • 1st place "Best alternative singer 2015"
  • 3rd place "Best alternative song 2015" (FIGHT FOR)

German Rock & Pop Award 2016:
  • 3rd place "Best alternative album 2016"
  • 3rd place "Best alternative song 2016" (MEMORIES)


  • Singer & Guitarist for the band "FOXGLOVE".
1997 - 2002:
  • Singer, songwriter & guitarist for the Grunge-Rock Band „Bufo alvaruis“. One year guitarist for the Rock-Pop-Band „Just for Fun“.
2002 - 2007:
  • With the guitar in tow sologigs at various locations (Canada, New York, Italy, Spain ...)
2007 - 2010:
  • Singer, songwriter & guitarist for „The Waves“.
  • Directed two music AG´s in a school in Moers.
  • Since spring 2010 female drummer for the band "The Demons".
  • Since 2010, Singer, songwriter and female drummer for the band "HardeZ", an alternative rock band with post-hardcore influences.
  • On 28 January 2011 jury member of "Rocktage West" in Falkenzentrum Essen Süd.
2011 - 2012:
  • Singer, songwriter and drummer in the band "I AM WANTED", an alternative rock band.
  • Still singer, songwriter and female drummer in the band "HardeZ".
  • In March 2012, Meet&Greet with the famous drummer Ray Luzier of KoRn (Offenbach near Frankfurt).
  • Since spring female drummer for the Asskick'n hardcore Blues-Rock Band "D.O.C."
  • The Beginning of the solo-project "NiMa Lindner".
  • Female drummer and singer for the bands HardeZ and D.O.C.
  • Recording Acoustic-Solo-Album.
  • In February - Release of solo debut album "need some voice".
  • Release of the second D.O.C album "Sweet Dykes And Rotten Bikers".
  • Planning the second solo album.
  • In December '14: Disbanding of the D.O.C bluesrock band due to job changes of the bassist.
  • New Single of the solo project in process of planning.
  • January 6th: Release of the new single "Follow your dreams" (Single from upcoming album).
  • January 15th: Interview for radiostation Essen at Falkenstudio.
  • February 22nd: NiMa Lindner as guest at the red soundcouch for interview and unplugged session. (A new music format of author and singer Markus Grimm of Nu Pagadi.)
  • March: Expansion of the solo-project.
  • April: Drummer for the Alternative Metal Band "AMENTIA".
  • May 16th: First LIVE radiosession at TIDE Radio, Hamburg.
  • NiMa Lindner in Colognes Musicstore catalog (Issue 2016/1, page 11).
  • NiMa Lindner is nominated for the final in the main category "German Singer Award" on December 12th at 33rd German Rock & Pop Award 2015.
  • 12nd December: NiMa Lindner gets awards as "best alternative singer" (1st place) and for the "best alternative song" (3rd place) at 33. German Rock & Pop Award 2015.
  • March 18th: Release of the new album "FOLLOW".
  • May: Winner of the bandcontest for a slot at Pfingstrausch festival in Haan.
  • NiMa Lindner changes the bandmembers (bass and drums).
  • Interview of NiMa Lindner in the Coolibri magazine (issue September 2016).
  • WDR2 radio station presents NiMa Linder´s song "Fight for" on Sept, 19th.
  • Radio Bochum presents NiMa Linder´s song "Fight for" and an interview with her on Sept, 24th.
  • Drummer for the italien singersongwriter Lupa Covella.
  • NiMa Lindner is nominated for the final in the main category "SingerSongwriter" and "Alternative Rock" on December 10th at 34th German Rock & Pop Award 2016.
  • 10th December: NiMa Lindner gets two awards 3rd place as "Best alternative album 2016"and "best alternative song" for MEMORIES at 34th German Rock & Pop Award 2016.
  • After 9 concerts in the first half of 2017, NiMa Lindner will focus on new songs in the second half of the year.
  • August: First plans for a next EP in 2018.